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Barbarian Battle Axe

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Handle Color - Canvas
Blade Color - Cotton

This brutal double headed axe is iconic to the barbarians of the north and makes an excellent addition to any fluff filled arsenal.  

For custom patterns please contact us with requests.


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Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only. Dry flat. Use sensitive care detergent to maintain brightness of colors. Do Not Machine Wash as the stuffing may bunch up.

Our weapons take a beating and need care to stay in optimal shape!  

Wash by hand with gentle detergent.  Dry flat.  Do not wash in a machine as the stuffing will shift. 

When seams strain or break it is best to use a polyester or nylon thread and needle and whip stich the seam closed.  If the cloth rips use the same needle and thread to close the rip.  Then cover the rip with a patch and whip stick the patch into place.  

Everybody is a kid at heart! Find the perfect pillow weapon for the adventurer in you!

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